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About Us
Blood Ravens gaming is a Daggerfall faction guild focused around PvE (group dungeons, Trials), PvP (Sieges in Cyrodiil & small scale Imperial City), trade & overall social community. We offer many different ways for members to interact with each other:
  • Voice. Discord official site - click here to offer social features for the guild.
  • Trade. As the guild grows we will seek to improve trading using all in game and add-on options for commerce.
  • Grouping. We encourage our members to group up to complete more difficult content together, using add-ons, in game notification & website to inform members.

Dark Brotherhood & Thieves Guild Roots

RANKING SYSTEM (revised 1/7/16)

As a new member you will start out in a trial period. Once a member is in the guild for 7 days they will receive their first rank-up.

Continued rank increases will be determined by:

  1. Contribution to the guild (raffles, guild events, grouping with other members, etc)
  2. Member's interaction within the guild (Using Discord, in game chat and other means to create a social environment that is welcoming to others). A quick "Welcome" to new members or "Hello" when logging in goes a long way!
  3. Longevity - continued days in the guild
  4. Experience with the game/class/grouping & ability to effectively share said knowledge.

Officer ranks:

Officer ranks are special ranks awarded to players who are dedicated to the guild and it's growth. They come with increased responsibility.

We are always looking to add to our officer ranks. If you think you have what it takes to become and maintain an officer-ship contact the GM or any officer for consideration.

  • Captain - 2nd in command. This rank is only filled by those who have proven their worth and who can be entrusted with overall functions of the guild.
  • Battle Master - Cyrodiil commanders. This rank is held in reserve for players who have mastered the art of war and can lead others effectively into battle.
  • Spy Master - Master overseers and coordinators. This rank is for officers that have proven their worth and know how to coordinate and work as a team. They are the glue that holds the team together.
  • Field Marshall - PvE overseers. This rank is for officers who can develop and guide members in PvE events and group functions.


Bank access will be reserved for ranking officers. We ask that each member treat bank access as a privilege. Activity is monitored daily and abuse is handled on an "as needed" basis.

Members that abuses the guild bank access will be notified and have their access restricted as follows:
  • 1st offense - 7 days
  • Repeated offense - handled on individual basis, but can result in a perma-ban to bank access and or removal from guild.

*Donations made to the bank will be used for a Guild Trader, Guild Housing and/or Guild Raffles/Event Prizes.


All members will be able to list 30 items for sale in our store. We encourage you to do so & to use add-ons to assist in accurate pricing, one such add-on is: "Master Merchant". Members will be expected to maintain a regular sales history weekly.


If a member's activity drops below 7 days, meaning they have at least 7 consecutive days of inactivity, the player will be flagged & possible letter sent to encourage activity. Once a player reaches 14 days or more of inactivity they will be removed from the guild (unless an officer or GM is notified of absence). Members removed due to inactivity can request a re-invite at any time they choose to return to the game.


General Rules:
  • Be respectful
  • Be honest
  • Treat others in the guild how you would expect to be treated
  • NO trolling, griefing or bulling. Zero tolerance.
  • Absolutely NO BEGGING in guild chat or voice! PERIOD.
  • *If you have personal needs please contact an officer or GM.
  • Strongly recommended that members avoid religious, political, racial and sexually oriented topics in conversation.

We have a zero tolerance for drama in the guild! This includes, but is not limited to personal viewpoint arguments, bullying, griefing, trolling, political fights, excessive use of profanity or vulgar/demeaning language, disrespectful conduct towards another member.
*Officers and moderators will handle each case based on its severity resulting in either a warning, demotion or dismissal from the guild.

Guild Voice
  • We use Discord for voice communication.
  • Connect: click here